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Andi, The Extended Cut


It seems only fitting that I take a minute here and give y’all a little background on myself and my adoring family. Some context, if you will.  I’m a Graphic Designer by trade, and a mother by practice (literal practice - this shit is way hard and not possible to master). I got all growns-up in Bucks County, PA with my parents and two older sisters (whose got two thumbs and is the baby of the family?!? Me!). Doesn’t really matter how old I am (so so soooo young, though, for real), I’ll always proudly refer to myself as the baby. It’s a badge, and I wear it well.


I met my husband Mike through a good friend. I dubbed him ‘Hot Mike’, stalked him a tad wee bit, and after a bit of a rocky start he realized I was right and we belonged together. Thankfully he fell under my spell, otherwise it would have been a BIG mistake for him. I would have been fine.


We’ve been together since 2002, married in 2007. We have three boys, a pooch, and somehow two freaking guinea pigs (if you are thinking about guineas, let’s talk. LOTS of poop.) Our home is loud and usually messy even though it’s constantly being cleaned. I’m an okay cook but a better eater, especially of pasta and ice cream. I call my children “child”. I yell “Whaaaaat?!” resentfully across the house when I hear “Mommmmmy!”. I love Bravo and cheesy young-adult romance movies on Netflix. Whatever, I do. I’ll own it. I also enjoy fixing stuff, mostly just so I can tell Mike I fixed it and he can scratch it off his list (just kidding, there’s no such list).


You’ll notice a lot of our cards are about being parents and how dreadful it is (play to your strengths, I guess). It’s also pretty fun, and when I stop and watch my kids for a few minutes (or have a real conversation with our oldest), I’m reminded just how lucky I am. The rest of the time though, I’m usually trying to find a sound proof, dark space I can hide in forever (or at least till dinner time).


Okay okay, don’t be concerned.  No, I am not a complete asshole. I LOVE my kids here to the freaking moon and back, and would do almost anything for them. Kinda like that Meatloaf song. I’m not insane. I’m just honest about the fact that life, parenthood, kids, you name’s not always rainbows and butterfly kisses, folks. But if you can’t get a good laugh out of it, you’ve gotta cry. I just prefer laughing, I guess.



Comments (3)

  • michelle on November 05, 2020

    love! love! love!

  • Caroline K on October 03, 2020

    You are somethin’ Andi!! And your stuff is AMAZING!!!! Very excited for you!!💞

  • Carrie Perlman on October 02, 2020

    Congrats Andi!!

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