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Mike, The Extended Cut

Well...Andi here. I HAD tasked Mike with writing a blog about himself, but unsurprisingly (least to me) he was not into it. It may be surprising to some people because they would probably assume Mike would love to ramble on about himself (he’s a big fan of talking shit, or shit-talking…? whatever), but in actuality Mike can be a little, shall we say, ‘off put’ when it comes to accepting compliments, talking about himself or his accomplishments, or expressing feelings of any kind except disdain.

I kid, I kid. Sorta. He’s a complicated hard-shelled candy with a fluffy ooey-gooey center that no one ever gets to see. (Except me - I’m supes special).

Mike grew up here in Delco. You would probably be able to tell by his strong Philly-Delco accent, overly competitive personality, and general no-bullshit approach to most stuff. He's the older brother in a family of four, became a dad at 18, and went to college for Architecture. There, he met the love of his life…. Me! (and spreadsheets).

He/we graduated in 2006, moved to South Philly, and then a few years later back to good ‘ole Delco to be closer to our oldest son, Zach. We’ve since welcomed 2 more sons (I guess he wasn't cut out to have girls) and has become a five-star-special karate ninja with spreadsheets (at least to me...I have trouble typing in cells). He’s got a pretty great job, loves his work, and seems pretty damn good at it, if ya ask me.

He’s also a pretty kick-ass dad, a great cook (if he studied cooking his entire life, he’d be Michelin rated for sure- ha!) and avoids the sunny outdoors as if he’s a vampire (our nephew actually thought he was a vampire for awhile). He only willingly makes one exception when it comes to the sun - and that's to golf. Dude loves that boring sport.

On top of all those fantastic personality traits, he’s also so sarcastic and dry that you may not even know if he’s being supportive or a total dick, which is one of my personal favorite things about him. He’s deeply ambitious, always striving for perfection in an asymmetric world. He’s extremely organized, and alas here we are...launching a business I’ve been talking about for YEARS. He supported and supported and supported me until I had no choice but to take the leap.

So please, for the love of god, buy some fucking greeting cards :)


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