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Series: The Birth of a Greeting Card, Blog 1

This is the first of many blogs where I will attempt to tell an interesting story or tidbit about how a particular greeting card was born. I may even occasionally reveal who inspired the card - juicy stuff. Stay tuned the next few months as I reveal my secrets, my muses, my inspiration and just how dark I can go.

I Can’t Wait for the baby to say “Mommy!” Motherhood Greeting Card

You probably have not missed the fact that I have a lot to say about kids and parenting. It’s mostly because it’s my full-time job, especially these days as we are all home together, trying to flatten the curve/not kill each other, or however you like to describe the current state of affairs. Back in March, I was laid off from my full-time job due to Covid, and alas, The B Side was born. The first card I designed was the one pictured above. “I can’t wait for the baby to say Mommy!” - Future Regretful Mother. I am the stated regretful mother, only now it's just the present day, and sometimes, I really long for the days where the only way our babies could communicate was with a cry or a coo.

Don't get me wrong, I am a REAL sucker for my kid’s giggles and belly laughs. Still my favorite sound. But holy shit. If I hear “Mommy!” one more time today, I may hunt a bitch. I mean, let's stop here. If I had a counting clicker for every time the word “Mommy” or ”Mom” came out of the kids' mouths, it would be in the millions by now. For real.

Yes, I know I’m lucky. I’m lucky because I have beautiful healthy kids that love me so much, they can't bear for me to leave the house. They love me so much, they cannot fathom daddy getting them a snack. They  worship me so much, they only want me to put them to bed (Mike does this more which is THE BEST) and only want me to make their meals, give them baths, play outside with them - really just be NEAR them at all times. They love me so fucking much, that they know the instant I have left the kitchen to use the bathroom, or take a shower, or do laundry. It's as if they have a tracker on me. 

Anyway, I always ramble a little too long. But, these parenthood cards are my bread and butter. A lot of blogs will paint a really pretty picture of motherhood, how amazing babies are, how fun doing crafts are, how there's nothing like putting your child to bed. (I LOVE bedtime, but not the actual part of cooing them to sleep - I just like when they are asleep - HA!) But here at The B Side, you’ll get my honest take  - always. Some will like it, some will think I’m a horrible human. I’m totally okay with all of that.

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