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What in the Actual Fuck though? - My favorite B Side Card

Someone recently asked me which B Side Greeting Card is my favorite. That’s a tough question since I designed all of them. The natural answer for a starving artist would be “none of them”, but I’m not that self-critical. Actually, I totally am, but not so much with my cards. I love quite a few of them. However, if I had to pick one, I would go with this sympathy greeting card - What in the Actual Fuck Though. There’s a few reasons why, one of which is that it’s one of my favorite sayings.

It’s categorized as a sympathy and condolence card, but it’s so much more… Your boss told you you can no longer wear converse to work? WITAF, though? Your dog got loose and a neighbor found him, posted him on social media - and you had NO idea he was even gone? What in the actual fuck, though? Your best friend doesn’t listen to your solid gold advice? What in the actual fuck, though? Your 4 year old still doesn't sleep through the night? WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK THOUGH?!

You get my drift. Shit is hard. Life is ridiculous. Sometimes, the only thing to say is, What the fuck. (For the record, none of those life events actually happened to me or is even close to being an honest representation of my life. Who would not even notice their dog was missing? And the kicker? I didn't even see his photo on social media. A friend sent it to me and my first thought was - ‘wow, that looks like my dog!’ - okay, so maybe it's all true. I’m flawed… what can I say?)

It doesn’t hurt that I also love the colors and the design. It's fun and spunky, just like you and your favorite saying! It says “shit, im sorry!” but not in a deeply depressing way. I guess you could say I’m a big fan of my own work. What the fuck though? Who says that?

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