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What's in a Name?

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So...what's in a name? In our case, a lot! This site has been a long time coming, so we've had plenty of time to think about how best to relate our point of view through our label: The B Side.

We don't actually own any records (we aren’t even really 'music people', to be honest), but the term itself is best known from those old-school rotating discs of music (and I guess cassettes too, but honestly no one’s nostalgic for cassettes). In contrast to the 'A side' (heavily promoted and designed for the masses),  ‘B Sides’ provided a window into an artist's true self. They weren't for everyone, but for those who were searching for something unique in a generic world, they became essential. 

And that's our goal here at The B Side - to give our customers a unique voice in a generic greeting card world. Just like us, our cards may not be for everyone - but they represent a window into who we are, and by extension who YOU are. Everyone's got a B Side- the underappreciated, not-always-visible side of yourself that you love, and should be celebrated.

So if you're a kick-ass mom who can't stand the idea of sending another sugary, sentimental, so NOT YOU card to your snooty Aunt Dolores...let your B Side out and send something that reflects who YOU are too (and revel in her confusion). If you're the coolest friend your best B's got- remind her how lucky she is to have you, goddammit! If you just want to see the look on someone’s face when they read an inappropriate card in the middle of a baby shower- you’ve found your home. 

Welcome, B-Siders!


Comments (1)

  • Kimberly on October 01, 2020

    Your are awesome love you all!

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