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It all started with an eyeroll.

Not life. Well, probably life too actuallly... but in this instance, I was standing in a store. This eyeroll was not a small one. It was a GIANT eyeroll that was meant for the heavens to see. I was trying to find a card for a wedding... or a birthday... who knows. It never really mattered what occasion the card was for. I could never find one that felt right. So after awhile, I just stopped sending cards. I said "I'm not really a card person", but that wasn't true either. I just wasn't the typical greeting card customer. I've always preferred the flip side of things. The honest side. I see the good, the bad, and the ugly in life, and try and laugh. When I can't laugh, I am at least real about the darkness. And usually, there are some really good laughs on the dark side. So with a lot of encouragement from my very patient, and supportive husband, (we are talking years, here), we launched The B Side together.  Our brand of humor is not for everyone - but that's why we love it. It's very literally - the B side.

[ No, we are not this young any longer. However the dynamic depicted in this photo is still pretty on point. ]